Chamo-Mint Cocktail

The soothing and calming nature of Chamomile coupled with the relaxational notes of Mint.

Strawberry Peach Tea-Martini

Best served chilled, this sweet blend of Strawberry & Peach makes a variety of fun chilled drinks.

Earl Grey Latte

Engulf yourself in the comforting familiarity of Madagascar Vanilla.

Cup of Jasmine's Dream

Serenade yourself in a warming hug from Jasmine’s Dream.


8 tea bag pack


8 tea bag pack


8 tea bag pack


8 tea bag pack

Make Your Own Tea Cocktails and More

London Eye 75 Cocktail

This fun tea-cocktail is unique due to the fact that it uses both gin and champagne! Serve this at your next cocktail party and you are guaranteed to get everyone...

Chamomile-Mint Tea Cocktail

Learn to make one of our fan-favorite beverages!  The Egyptian Chamomile & Moroccan Mint Cocktail. Enjoy this popular beverage as a cocktail when combined with gin...

Our First High Tea Party!! (Recap)

This was truly an evening to remember and we would like to thank everyone who came out in support of our first HIGH TEA PARTY.  We had so many amazing guests! A special...

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