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Classic Beverage

Zteep Tea is a do-it-yourself tea company and educator.  We provide some of the highest quality organic and decaffeinated/low-caffeine tea blends, and bring to light the many possibities and versatility that tea has to offer.

This includes alcohol and cannabis based drink recipes, along with baking recipes that bring the fun out of your tea.

Founded in Toronto, Ontario, we work with industry professionals, cannabis enthusiasts, bloggers, and other specialists to enrich your life using a timeless beverage.

Strawberry Peach Tea-Martini

Best served chilled, this sweet blend of Peach and Strawberry Oolong will pair with almost any food. Making it the perfect companion to all occasions.

Egyptian Goddess

The soothing and calming nature of Chamomile coupled with the relaxational notes of mint will tame even the grumpiest of ogres.

Cup of Jasmine's Dream

Serenade yourself in a warming hug from Jasmine’s Dream.

London Eye Latte

Start your day off right with an Earl Grey Black tea and Madagascar Vanilla latte.  Enjoy as a warm or iced latte.

Make a Moment with Zteep

Sleep more efficiently. Energize your day. Sharpen your mind. Uplift your spirits. 

All in one cup of tea.


Soothe lady tears or grumpies

Recharge your mojo for all day energy

Focus in on your favourite book

Make your dreams one z..z..Z..teep away

Make Your Own Tea Cocktails and More

How To Make a Tea-Martini

How To Make a Tea-Martini

Tea is so versatile and can be used for a multitude of different drink ideas; which is exactly what we like to promote here at Zteep Tea. One of our...

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