Innovating Old Traditions

Our backstory comes from 2012, when the mother of Zteep’s founder, Chad Lebaron,  was involved in a car accident.  Her preference was to seek natural alternatives to traditional pain medications such as opioids.  Consequently, Chad discovered the unique benefits of CBD and THC and how they can be utilized to make different beverages using tea.

Zteep Tea is focused on displaying the many different use-cases and versatility that tea has to offer,  beyond simply brewing a hot cup of tea.  We make tea FUN, using our specially blended teas in combination with our Zteep recipes that give you the power to create adult tea beverages, baked goods and more.  

Simply, the concept of Zteep Tea was formed on the basis of bringing a modern twist to a classic beverage.

The Zteep Team

Chad Lebaron

Chad is the founder and CEO of Zteep Tea.  When he is not brewing tea and making new blends, he can be found rock climbing or checking out the local Toronto art scene. 

Dylan Bergum

Dylan is head of operations and manages the business side of Zteep Tea.  He is fascinated by reptiles and has a pet python named Juvenile.


Edgardo Torres

Edgardo is head of Marketing. He loves traveling around the world and hosting dinner parties with close friends.


William Alibaba

William is head of Branding and Design.  He passes his time with activities that are ridiculous and cannot be mentioned on our website.

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