Cannabis Infused honey is the perfect natural sweetener  and goes exceptionally well with our exclusive Strawberry Peach Delight tea.

Honey also offers many exciting health benefits such as burn and wound healing, lowering your cholesterol and more.

Combine this delicious and healthy natural sweetener with a cup of tea and you have yourself a cup full of amazing natural health benefits.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What you will need

Optional Ingredients



Set up your double boiler and add cannabis and honey while applying gentle heat to the stove top and bringing water to a light boil.


Mix Honey and Cannabis

Next, let your mixture of honey and cannabis simmer in boiling water for 40 minutes.  The honey and cannabis mixture should never come to a full boil.


Strain Honey

Following completion of these steps, use your cheesecloth as a strainer to remove all of the cannabis plant matter.

Once strained, bunch of the cheesecloth and squeeze out all of the infused honey from the cannabis. 



Now you have your cannabis infused honey and can use it as you please; whether that be to combine with your favorite tea for a little bit of sweetness, or to use as an ingredient in another recipe.

Use as a natural sweetener with our signature tea blends.



Store in a cool, dark area for 1-2 months.


Zteep Tea

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