In order to prepare your cannabis for consumption via drink or food, you will first need to complete a process called “decarboxylation” or “decarbing”.  This involves using heat to activate cannabis compounds (THCA and CBDA) into the more well known compounds, THC and CBD.

 To better understand this process, just compare it to smoking cannabis through a joint, pipe or bong; there is heat being applied which activates the THC and CBD.

What you will need

To Begin

Once you obtain the cannabis strain of choice, put on gloves to break it up into smaller pieces.  Our personal opinion here at Zteep is to avoid using a grinder and break up the cannabis with your hands.  This will preserve the trichomes, release moisture and in turn preserve THC and CBD levels.


Spread On Baking Tray

Once broken into smaller pieces, spread it out evenly over a baking tray.

Make sure your cannabis fits into one thin layer over your baking sheet and you are not piling on too much.  Too much cannabis layered on top of each other will not dry out properly and retain too much moisture.


Now, to get started with the decarb process, let’s go over some important elements.


Bake Your Cannabis

There are two important elements to consider when baking your cannabis for decarboxylation.  The first element is:

  • Temperature

Most of the time, temperature will be applied with either an oven, toaster oven or a crock-pot.  For simplicity sake, we will use metrics for an oven in our tutorial.

The ideal oven temperature should be 104 to 115 degrees celcius or 220 to 240 degrees fahrenheit.  Using these temperature guidelines will provide the best end result from decarboxylation. 

Using too low of a temperate, or too high of a temperature will either result in not enough compounds being activated, or being destroyed.  This is not desirable, as it will weaken the “high” effect given from cannabis.

Many ovens and other heating devices are not exact temperature, so if decarboxylating frequently it might be beneficial to invest in an oven thermometer.

The second element is:

  • Time

Time plays a critical role in the decarbing process.  With an oven, it is recommended that you bake your cannabis for 30-40 minutes.



Once baked, your bud is decarbed and ready to be used with a variety of drinks and tasty treats.

Keep reading our blog posts for more cannabis-infused recipes.


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